The good thing about winter on Rottnest
Island is the lack of crowds. Sure, it’s a year-round destination, but visitor
numbers and prices are lower between July and September. Check out these top
things to do on Rottnest Island this winter.

Get some pedal power

Pedal Power at Bathhurst Lighthouse

Since there are no cars, biking is one of
the most popular modes of transportation. Rent a bike (and snorkel set, if
you’re keen to get in the water) at Pedal and Flipper and head out for a
day-long cycling adventure. Stop into the many bays and beaches for enviable
travel photos or a barefoot stroll. Be sure to make time for a stop at
Cathedral Rocks to gawk at the fur seal colony too.

Meet a quokka (or 12)

Cheeky little Quokka

Want to see the adorable little marsupials
that are famous for taking great selfies? Just hang out by the Rottnest Bakery
(and while you’re there, grab a jam-fill donut…so good). Quokkas are all over
the island so you won’t have to look far to see them. Visiting Rottnest Island
in winter means you may see baby quokkas poking their tiny heads out of mum’s
pouch. The quokkas are cute and friendly, but please remember that they are
wild animals. Do not pick them up. Do not cuddle them. And please, do not feed

Skydive, of course

Rottnest Island Skydive

Okay, we’re biased, we know. But a tandem skydive
over Rottnest Island is not just another skydive, and Skydive Geronimo is
unlike any other commercial skydiving company. We offer boutique-level service,
which means you’re not just another number in a long queue of waiting
passengers. Couple that with island feels and stunning visuals for one of the
most thrilling adventures of your life. We may be biased, but it’s because we
are confident enough to say a jump over Rottnest is truly breathtaking, from
start to finish.

Glam it up

Pinky’s Bay

Rottnest’s newest accommodation offering is
Discovery Parks Eco Retreat at Pinky’s Beach featuring 83 “glamping” tents.
Choose from a variety of “glamorous” eco-tents to suit every budget. Since
opening in March 2019, the gorgeous tents have welcomed several high-profile and
celebrity guests. Who knows, you may get to sleep in the same bed that Chris
Hemsworth did.

There’s really no need to know what’s
happening on Rottnest Island because there’s always something great to do, even
if that means doing nothing at all.