Whale season has come around again! Like skydiving, some would say that being up close and personal with a whale is an experience they will never forget. We already know our South West has some of the most spectacular coastline in the world but what our visitors might not know is it is also the prime place to spot Southern Rights, Hump backs and even Blue whales! Here at Southern Skydivers we are lucky to spot these amazing mammals from 4,000ft as we glide to shore under parachute, so we thought, this weeks blog would be a nice chance to share one of South West’s best treasures!

The Southern Right and Humpback Whales are the most prominent in our waters and migrate in huge numbers, travelling close to the coast for the months of June through to December. Whale watching from June to Late August is best done in Albany and Augusta, then Dunsborough and Busselton from September to December.

Many travellers will choose a whale watching tour for the ultimate experience. These tours operate from varying locations depending on the time of year and the movements of the whales.

We think the most wonderful thing about whale season is having your own unique whale sighting! Nothing spells special like spotting your own whale! There are many beautiful spots you can set up your viewing post! To name a few:

To think this is all only 2 and half hours South of Perth! Enjoy the whale watching season, we will!