58 million views (and counting) of the wives skydiving with Skydive Geronimo

Top fans of the Chinese reality TV show, Viva La Romance, also known as Wife’s Romantic Travel and Travelling Wives, will already know that the wives spent their first holiday in Western Australia. And since episode one of season 2 has already aired on Mango TV (and attracted over 58 million views in the first 24 hours) followers already know the cast of Viva La Romance do a skydive.

Since the travelling wives, Xie Na (host), Zhang Ziyi, Jenny Zhang, Anita Yuen, and Bao Wenjing, visited Skydive Geronimo on Rottnest Island, we’ve welcomed an army of Viva La Romance fans who’ve travelled from Perth, China, Singapore, and beyond. They all came to follow in the wives’ footsteps; experience what they’ve experienced.

We love taking anyone keen enough to jump from a plane for a skydive over Rottnest Island. You don’t have to be a travelling wife or a fan of Viva La Romance to skydive, but you do have to be brave.


What you need to know about skydiving on Rottnest Island

The great thing about tandem skydiving over Rottnest Island is that you don’t have to know how to skydive because our highly experienced and friendly skydiving instructors do all the hard stuff for you. You don’t even need to speak English. As long as you relax your body in a banana shape when you and your instructor exit the airplane, unfold your arms when tapped on the shoulder, and smile, you’ll have a great skydive.

Of course, to do your island skydive, you must get to the island first. The TV stars of Viva La Romance took a charter yacht to Rottnest, but most people take a ferry. To make things ultra-easy for customers, we have a Rottnest Skydive & Ferry Package  that takes care of your ferry booking to and from the island.

Skydiving is a weather dependent activity. If it’s raining, overcast with low cloud, or too windy, your jump may be placed postponed until the weather clears, re-scheduled for another day, or cancelled without penalty to you (if you’re travelling elsewhere and cannot re-book).

Want to know what you should wear skydiving? Read our article  with some suggestions about what to wear.


You jump, I jump

In the first episode of Viva La Romance season 2, it’s clear that all five travelling wives are a bit hesitant to skydive. That’s perfectly natural. They all look on with worried faces as they watch a skydive video at our Rottnest Airport office. Zhang Ziyi brings up the fact she had a shoulder injury about eight months ago. It’s important to tell our staff of any past injuries or issues, but in this instance, the old injury would not prevent mega star Zhang Ziyi from skydiving.

Our plane can take three sets of tandem skydivers at once. First up was Zhang Ziyi, Jenny Zhang, and host Xie Na, who was the first to exit. Next, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Memoirs of a Geisha star, Zhang Ziyi fell from the airplane. In the episode, you can tell they both loved the experience of free-falling over the island. Jenny Zhang decided to stay in the aircraft; she did not skydive.

As Bao Wenjing, travelling wife of movie star, Bao Bei’er, and Anita Yuen waited on the ground for their turn to skydive, it was clear that Bao Wenjing was genuinely nervous. To help her overcome her fear, Anita said, “You jump, I jump”, and that’s what they did when the plane went back up into the sky.


Now, that’s the catch phrase of the moment amongst Viva La Romance fans who come to skydive with us. 


They say, “You jump, I jump”, and then we all go skydiving!


To check out the wives skydiving over Rottnest Island, click to 40:46


Are you ready to follow in the footsteps of Viva La Romance and do a skydive?

We skydive on Rottnest Island year-round, depending on the weather. Bookings are essential so start planning your romantic travel to Rottnest Island and jump with Skydive Geronimo.

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