We all love the dude or dudess at Southern Skydivers that helps us to take the plunge out of a perfectly good aeroplane from an outrageous 14,000ft and some of us might even aspire to do the same one-day… imagine having the view of the South west coast as your office everyday!

For most of us lunchtime is what helps us to get out of bed each morning for work, for a tandem instructor at Southern Skydivers we can imagine it must be pretty easy to turn back the sheets. So we thought we would ask our boys what their highlights in the job have been just to make us even more envious!!

Glenn had one very specific highlight in mind, only last year he was fortunate enough to take a customer who suffered from cerebral palsy. Her condition left her paralysed from the waist down. After being turned away by more than one skydive company, Southern Skydivers came to the rescue and Glenn took on the challenge. He said the feeling of being able to give some one the freedom to live life to the fullest was beyond amazing!

Kevin’s highlight in a more general sense is being able to share people’s experiences. For everyone it’s different and for some it’s life changing! How cool is that to witness everyday!

Kev also mentioned the perk of taking his wife up every now then for an adrenalin boost and an aerial view of Busselton, is awesome… mmmm good way to stay out of the dog box too huh!!

Grant, well Grants highlight is actually probably lunch to be honest! Most of the boys are so busy getting carried away doing what they love they forget to eat… Not Grant you will always see him sneaking in one of his tasty sandwiches between loads! He also loves his choice of career as it allows him to travel the world although at this stage he is happily ensconced in Busselton with us!!

Come an experience a skydive with one of these boys today, only 2 and half hours south of Perth, you would be crazy not to!!