Romance is in the air

You may never have thought romance when you think skydiving, but here at Southern Skydivers romance runs a rife!

Have you ever thought about how you would pop the big question or how the big question maybe popped to you? Here at Southern Skydivers we have been lucky enough to be a part of a countless number of customer’s skydiving proposals and I thought why not write about just why it’s such a popular way to say ‘Will you marry me’?

I have always joked with customers that if there is one good reason to propose while skydiving it’s having a reason to be nervous. No one, not even her, would ever suspect that the clammy guy in the corner is about to propose when they are dressed in a jump suit and a tandem harness but aside from hiding the nerves, Southern Skydivers makes this particular skydive a really spectacular one!

When the customer calls us to make his/her booking and explains that they would like to propose, Southern Skydivers goes into operation proposal mode… pulling out all the stops by offering them special sunset times for the skydive and proposal, arranging flowers and organising wicked video packages that capture the unforgettable day!

So how does one actually propose while skydiving? Well let me take you through a typical Southern Skydivers proposal:

The customer’s arrive for their skydive (as mentioned before, sunset time is especially popular). We run through the paper work and preparation as normal, when we get an opportunity, we pull the ‘proposer’ aside so that he can give us the ring and any other things he may need for the proposal.

Off the customers go, one nervous as anything, one completely unsuspecting. From here our ground crew rush down to the beach drop zone where they strategically place our sign made up of huge lettering spelling ‘MARRY ME?’ Not by chance, out he goes followed by her. They will freefall through the air from 15,000ft at 200km per hour where then their parachutes will open and they will transcend to the beach below enjoying the breath taking view on the way, we make sure our question popper has landed first so that he can set him self up near the sign and with the ring, then when she comes in for landing she can see him and the sign from some 2000ft up!! Pretty special huh! Our experienced tandem instructors make sure that they land right next to the sign and then he is free to pop the question! All of our tandem proposals have been successful, so with tears flowing we would drop them off at the Goose café to celebrate with a bottle of bubbly on us.

So what happens next? While the happy couple are celebrating and she is no doubt marvelling at his wonderfully romantic ways we are back at the head quarters making the mother of romantic dvds and compiling photos from the skydive. Once the customers are suitably cheery from their celebratory bubbles they can come back and enjoy the dvd we have made. The boys really enjoy all the ‘lovey dovey’ moments (believe it or not) and because they are so awesome at what they do they make a really wicked dvd that these customers can then keep for their rest of their lives.

So maybe you should come, get in on the Southern Skydivers romance and make someone the happiest gal or guy today!