So you want to be a Solo Skydiver?

Southern Skydivers are in full swing getting ready to give everyone the opportunity to skydive solo! We are amping up our Accelerated Freefall program (AFF) to run every fortnight so no one misses out!

Our AFF program is an internationally recognised course, designed to teach you everything you need to know about skydiving as a sport and being able to jump solo…maybe even making skydiving your career!

This course is offered at an awesome , so why not get a group of mates together and start dreaming big, fun-filled, adrenalin packed adventures together.

Brodie who had never jumped with us before went straight for our course when he heard about it, he has now finished his AFF training and has just converted into a sports jumper… that means lots of solo jumping at an affordable price, packing his own gear and coming out to join us whenever we are flying! Lucky guy!

Our next Course kicks of in early August 2014, see you there!