There is nothing more Australian than a skydive with Geronimo!

Celebrate this Australia Day by donning an Australia Day-themed onesie, and skydiving onto the beaches of Busselton or Rottnest Island.

Your Aussie Day skydive adventure will begin with a beautiful flight to altitude over WA’s picturesque coastline. Check out views of Geographe Bay and the Busselton Jetty in Busselton, or WA’s favourite island getaway destination, Rottnest Island.

Time for the door to open… Ready? Set? Go!

Aussie flag

Feel the adrenalin pumping as you and your Instructor scream toward the earth at 200km / hr. Your green-and-gold, or Australian flag onesie flapping in the breeze.

Your parachute opens at 5,000ft, giving you plenty of time to soak up the views, and enjoy the ride. Then you will be able to high five your mates as you land on the beach.

To celebrate your Australia Day Skydive, the team at Geronimo will even throw in a free beer! Surely there’s nothing more Australian than that!?

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Skydiving Dad